Recipe: Radish boiled shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Radish boiled shrimp



  1. Shrimp cut and rinse

  2. The radish is peeled and cut into silk, drained and used

  3. Heat the pan first, then pour a thin layer of olive oil, stir fry the onion ginger and add about 600ml of water to boil.

  4. Put in river prawn, radish and simmer for about 5 minutes, season with salt, sugar and pepper.

  5. Put the pot on the end of the scallions


1. Trace elements in virgin olive oil are indispensable biological substances in the human body. They are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids to help prevent amnesia caused by aging. 2, olive oil, less fumes, the amount is relatively small, the fried dishes do not change color, the original flavor. 3, do not cut the radish too thin, do not cook too long, otherwise there is no taste

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