Recipe: Radish and shrimp soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Radish and shrimp soup



  1. The radish is rubbed with a tool, the onion ginger is shredded, and the shrimp skin is washed with water.

  2. Put a little base oil in the pot, put the pepper into the scent after the oil is hot, and then remove the peppercorns.

  3. Put onion ginger silk shabu-shabu

  4. Add the shrimp skin, stir-fry until slightly yellow, then add the radish and stir well

  5. Season with salt

  6. Put enough water in the pot

  7. Put the right amount of flour into the pot, add water, and adjust to a slightly thick batter.

  8. After the soup is opened, place the battered pot on the top of the soup pot and slowly pour the batter into the pot with chopsticks. (When using chopsticks, the batter should be a little bit, not too much, too much will be pulped Paste)

  9. Do not stir the batter immediately after it falls into the soup pot. Wait until the soup is boiled again. Stir the batter when it is set.

  10. After the soup is cooked, a little MSG and sesame oil can be seasoned.

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