Recipe: Quick hand mango pudding

Home Cooking Recipe: Quick hand mango pudding


Suitable for lazy people, fried chicken is convenient, hehehehehe... The amount of Fangzi can hold 5 pudding cups. The mango pudding powder in Fangzi is bought by baking utensils. You can buy ready-made pudding powder in a treasure. The ready-made pudding powder packaging should have the recommended ratio of powder to water. If it is operated strictly in proportion, there will be no non-coagulation.



  1. The first step: boiling water in a 450ml cold water milk pot,

  2. Second cloth: Add 75g of mango pudding powder and mix well (Taobao has sold),

  3. Step 3: Pour into the pudding cup,

  4. The fourth step: put a flower concave shape,

  5. Step 5: After cooling, cover and put the refrigerator in the refrigerator (not frozen).

  6. Step 6: Take it out and eat it.


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