Recipe: Qingliang old hen soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Qingliang old hen soup



  1. The old hen is clean and smashed

  2. Washing yam, medlar, lotus seed, lily, polygonatum, glutinous rice and red dates

  3. Put the water in the pot and put it into the yam, yam, lotus seed, lily, jade bamboo, red date, glutinous rice, ginger, and put the chicken into the water. After the fire is boiled, remove the floating foam and turn to the small fire for 2 hours.

  4. Let's season with salt.


1. Chicken soup I like to use the old hen, because the old hen doesn't care how long it takes, its meat is very fresh. After the soup is cooked, pick up the chicken and cook the sauce with soy sauce, oil and garlic. With chicken to eat, it is very delicious. Boiled chicken soup will cook some vegetables on the day, this is a dinner of 2 dishes and 1 soup! 2, if there is a nuclear jujube, you must first dig up the nuclear and reuse it, so that it will not get angry (this is a folk saying, there is no basis I do not know); 3, do not put too much cold, too much will have a sour taste, the taste is not good; 4, each stove is different, the firepower is also different, a small fire for 2 hours, it is necessary to keep the soup open, if your stove has a small fire, the soup can not boil, then small and medium fire. Regardless of the soup, I personally think that the soup that must be made out of the fire is particularly fragrant, especially delicious. Do not add water during the soup, and the water should be kept open.

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