Recipe: Qinghuo Yanggan Mingmu Tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Qinghuo Yanggan Mingmu Tea


Modern urbanites are busy with work, alcohol and tobacco erosion, environmental pollution, and lack of good eating habits. They generally have various symptoms of getting angry: such as acne, oral ulcers, thick white fur, red eyes, yellow urine, and temper. and many more. In the work and life entertainment of the younger generation, it is often inseparable from the Internet and the long-term exposure to computer radiation and light pollution, which further aggravates the long-term fatigue of the eyes, causing the vision to decline. If you feel that you are constantly blurry and start to see small texts, be sure to improve your bad habits and try this tea. At the time of the summer, the daily drink of this tea can reduce the anger and calm down. Chrysanthemum has the effect of dispersing wind, clearing heat, calming the liver, and improving the eyesight. It can remove the annoyance, the stomach, the five veins, and the limbs. Xiao Yu chose the high-grade organic fetal chrysanthemum. In ancient times, he made tribute, pure and rich, rich in color, and contains the scent of nectar. The fetal chrysanthemum is harvested when the flower of the chrysanthemum is not fully opened. It is dried and processed, and is rare because it is scarce. The shape of the dried flowers is neat, the petals are introverted, the color is golden, and the nectar is sweet and rich. The antioxidant effect of Jerusalem artichoke is more suitable for people's beauty and anti-aging needs. Since the fetal chrysanthemum is more chilly than the blooming chrysanthemum, it is recommended to have three or five flowers at a time. Sputum is flat, sweet, into the liver, kidney. Can replenish the essence, eyesight, thirst, cough, strengthen the bones, anti-aging; nourish the kidneys and lungs, go to work. For vision loss, senile sensibility, night blindness is also effective. Cassia clears the liver and kidney, eyesight, and water and laxative. Indications of red eyes and swelling, shame and tears, blue blind, finch, headache, dizziness, dim vision, cirrhosis, ascites, urinary adverse, habitual constipation. Cassia can not only clear the liver and gallbladder, but also evacuate the wind and heat, and cure the redness and pain. Xiaoyu's Taobao shop is available for sale. Click on the link below to purchase WeChat public number: Xiaoyu private kitchen Taobao shop: Xiaoyu private kitchen Sina Weibo: Tong Xiaoyu



  1. Take the wolfberry, fetal chrysanthemum, cassia seed, into the cup, brew with boiling water, cover it for 10 minutes, you can drink on behalf of the tea, each bubble can be brewed 3 to 5 times. It can be seasoned with rock sugar or honey.

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