Recipe: Q Runxiang slip matcha milk jelly

Home Cooking Recipe: Q Runxiang slip matcha milk jelly


I saw the pea blog~ I glanced at this matcha milk jelly at a glance, how to see how it feels delicious~~ This doesn’t come back and sneak a little down, and it’s really smooth and smooth, and it’s a reminiscent of the invincible matcha king~~



  1. Gelatine tablets are soft with water

  2. Mix matcha powder, corn starch, fine sugar, add milk and mix well

  3. Add whipped cream and mix well

  4. Heat over low heat until thick and mushy, turn off the heat, add soft gelatin tablets, stir until completely melted

  5. Put the plastic wrap in the mold, pour the Dongdong in the mold into the mold, gently shake the bubbles, and cool the cut pieces (frozen in the refrigerator for 20 minutes, then refrigerate for a while to speed up the cooling rate)

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