Recipe: Purple rice yam rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Purple rice yam rice


Adding a lot of cereals to your daily rice is good for your health. Purple rice has been a nourishing sacred product since ancient times. Iron is rich and has blood-supplying effect. Vitamin B1, C, E and other nutrients are higher than brown rice. Due to the low viscosity of the purple rice, it can be greatly improved with a small amount of round glutinous rice.



  1. Wash the purple rice and soak it in water for 5 hours, then drain the water; wash the rice, rice and rice.

  2. Put all the rice into the rice cooker, add about 300 grams of water, and evenly put the yam.

  3. The rice cooker cooking program is cooked until the switch jumps, and the lid is opened and closed, and the lid is closed for about 10 minutes.

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