Recipe: Purple rice toast

Home Cooking Recipe: Purple rice toast


I have a whimsy to do this ~~ is still a bread machine version! First-class taste! !



  1. Put the ingredients into the bread machine in the order of milk, sugar, salt, one-half high-gluten flour, purple rice, the remaining one-half high-gluten flour, yeast, butter, and choose rice bread program ~3 hours 20 minutes After the ~~ scented purple rice toast is out~~


Put a second of the flour and then put the rice and then put the remaining flour. This is what I see from the instructions of the breadmaker. The purpose is to make the flour and rice mix together more. The taste of rice bread is really good. Different from whole flour! ! That kind of taste must be eaten and still want to eat! ! Part of the purple rice I use is not all purple rice is 2 / 3 purple rice mixed 1/3 white rice ~ ~ alone purple rice, then the rice is a little too sticky, you can try it if you like ~~

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