Recipe: Purple rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Purple rice cake


Dad sent a big bag of brown sugar, okay, in order to eliminate brown sugar.



  1. Purple glutinous rice and round glutinous rice were soaked in water for 6 hours. The white sesame is baked into a golden yellow with a small fire and scented. The grapes are dry cleaned.

  2. Mix the purple glutinous rice with the round glutinous rice, wash it clean, pour it into the rice cooker, add the raisins and brown sugar, add the appropriate amount of cold water, stir well and steam into glutinous rice.

  3. Take a square box, put a layer of plastic wrap, put the glutinous rice into the box, squeeze it and sprinkle with a layer of cooked white sesame. After standing and cooling, take out the plastic wrap and cut into small pieces.


1. Purple glutinous rice is a very suitable tonic for maternal, chronically ill and physically ill. 2. Brown sugar can also be replaced with white sugar.

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