Recipe: Purple potato two-color taro

Home Cooking Recipe: Purple potato two-color taro



  1. Purple potato peeled and steamed

  2. The material other than purple potato is mashed into two groups, one for white dough and one for purple potato after adding purple potato.

  3. Knead the dough of two colors into a rectangular dough

  4. White patches are placed below, purple is placed on top

  5. Roll up

  6. Cut into small pieces, wake up for 30 minutes, put cold water in the pot, steam on the pot for 20 minutes


1, purple potato itself has very little water, so when steaming, you can steam a few drops of water. 2, this time is a fermentation, the small steamed buns are fermented for 30 minutes and then steamed. This time is related to the fermentation temperature. 3, if it is winter, you can put a pot of warm water in the pot to help ferment.

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