Recipe: Purple Potato Ice Cream (Futian Dice Version)

Home Cooking Recipe: Purple Potato Ice Cream (Futian Dice Version)


The original party came from the "Ground Melon Ice Cream" in the book "I Love Ice Cream" by Fukuda. The appearance party said that every time you see a sweet potato, you can't help but change it into purple potato... However, after all, compared with sweet potato, the water content of purple potato is less than that of the sweet potato. Therefore, it is necessary to add some milk on the original basis. I have added 10 grams, and I may add more. I also welcome it. Everyone makes suggestions through practice! Sina blog post:



  1. First, put the cold storage bucket of the ice cream machine in the freezer of the refrigerator for more than 18 hours. (If you don't use an ice cream machine, skip this step.)

  2. Prepare the amount of purple potato after peeling, and then soak in water after slicing. Drain the water into a heat-resistant container, cover with a plastic wrap and heat it in a microwave oven until the bamboo stick can easily penetrate.

  3. Pour the milk into the small pot and heat it until it is about to boil.

  4. Pour the egg yolk and fine sugar into the egg bowl and send it to a thick, whitish white.

  5. Pour warm milk into the egg yolk several times and mix quickly. (If you add it all at once, the egg yolk will solidify to form granules.)

  6. Boil a pot of water in a large pot, and then stir the small pot of the boiled egg-milk in boiling water while stirring until thick.

  7. Pour the custard paste and purple potato into the cooking machine and beat it into a puree, then filter it with a sieve.

  8. The sifted purple potato mud is placed in a large bowl, cooled by ice water, and then sent to the refrigerator for full refrigeration. (At least 1 hour refrigerated)

  9. Mix the animal whipped cream with the purple potato puree, pour into the activated ice cream machine, and stir for about 20 minutes.

  10. If you don't use an ice cream machine, you should first put the light cream ice water to 7 distribution and then pour it into the purple potato puree. When the mixed ice cream is frozen until it is about to solidify, take it out and beat it thoroughly with an electric egg beater, then put it back into the freezer to continue freezing. Thereafter, the whipping step is repeated once every half hour, and after repeating 3-4 times, the ice cream liquid is in a very smooth state.

  11. After the ice cream is completed, move it to the storage container and place it in the freezer to store it.

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