Recipe: Purple potato crystal cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Purple potato crystal cake



  1. Material: Purple potato puree 75G, glutinous rice flour 75G, Cheng powder 75G (wheat starch), sugar 60G, water 200G oil 40G (I only added 10G)

  2. Wash and cut the purple potato, put it into the microwave box, add a little water, and put it into the microwave oven for 3-5 minutes. It can be easily puncture with chopsticks, which means that it is cooked.

  3. Peel the ripe purple potato, add water to the blender, add sugar to make a fine pulp.

  4. Glutinous rice flour and pure powder are sieved to make the finished product more delicate

  5. Into the pot, into the sweet potato pulp, use a spatula to mix fine and no particles, then add salad oil to the oil and water without separation. If you want to taste the taste, you can add salad oil according to the formula. If you want to be healthier, add it as you like.

  6. Mix the paste, pour it into the mold that has been smeared with oil, and then shake it a few times to shake out the bubbles. Be sure to apply oil, otherwise it will not release the mold. Steam in the cold water pot, steam for 20 minutes after the water is turned on.

  7. After releasing the mold after cooling, you can use a toothpick to draw a circle around the mold to facilitate demolding.

  8. The pattern is placed in a pattern, and the flower is chocolate. It is recommended to use a knife to cut better. This crystal cake is more sticky, and the flower pattern is not very beautiful.

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