Recipe: Purple potato bitter gourd ring

Home Cooking Recipe: Purple potato bitter gourd ring



  1. Purple potato peeled and cut into small pieces, bitter gourd washed

  2. Place the purple potato cubes in a fresh-keeping bag, sprinkle a little water, and turn the microwave oven for 3 minutes. The purple potato cubes cooked in the microwave oven are crushed with a spoon; then drizzle the honey and stir it evenly into a mud.

  3. Wash the bitter gourd to two ends, cut into two pieces, and remove the bitter gourd with chopsticks.

  4. Step 4: Add a little salt after the water in the pot is opened, remove the bitter gourd for four or five minutes, and remove the bitter gourd with cold water.

  5. Fill the bitter melon with purple potato puree, compact it, and slice it.

  6. Very beautiful plate of bitter gourd purple potato, the taste is bitter and sweet, you can try it this summer.

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