Recipe: Purple Cabbage Cheese Risotto

Home Cooking Recipe: Purple Cabbage Cheese Risotto



  1. Purple cabbage silk, sausage diced, rice breaks

  2. Put the oil in the pan

  3. Add purple cabbage to fry

  4. Put sausage, corn and continue to fry

  5. Add garlic and stir well

  6. Put the rice into the stir fry, if you feel the rice is dry, you can add some water.

  7. Stir well and turn off the heat, pour in the cheese and continue to stir until the cheese melts.


Purple cabbage is best to rub silk, so fried rice is easier  Because the sausage itself is salty and my taste is light, so there are no other seasonings. You can add salt or chicken seasoning at the end of your personal taste.

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