Recipe: Pure oatmeal rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Pure oatmeal rice


Generally, the weight of my meal is 30g raw oatmeal, raw, raw, raw... Why choose oatmeal? The first is because the taste is good, the fully cooked oatmeal will be chewed, the Q-ball Q-bomb, the brown rice will be there; the second is cheap, about 6 yuan a pound (500g), you can eat 16 tons. After repeated practice, it is more convenient, and the way to cook the oatmeal without the need for a pressure cooker will not be too bad, but a grain will burst.



  1. One night in advance, wash the oatmeal rice, add water (more than a little), boil it (be careful not to cook it)

  2. Cover it with a lid for one night. If you have time, you can cook it again in the morning. When you pack the box, you can filter the water off.


More water is better, because it takes a night to boil, oatmeal will absorb a part of the water, and the water can be filtered out. If you want to be worse, cook it a little earlier and cook it a few more times. But usually once is enough. Don't be too late one night in advance. If you do it in the middle of the night, it may not be long enough. Other hard-to-cook cereals can be boiled in this way.

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