Recipe: Pumpkin tofu seafood 羹

Home Cooking Recipe: Pumpkin tofu seafood 羹


Today's pumpkin tofu seafood 羹, should be said to be a Western-style soup, like Western-style soup, you can try to practice at home, will bring you surprises. This 羹 color is very beautiful, golden pumpkin paste, White and tender tofu, dotted with a few green beans, a few red shrimps looming in the pimple, a very eye-catching dish. Last time I had a meal at a tea, Xiaozhe ordered a pumpkin and seafood. I came up with a look. I told Xiaozhe that this mother can do it for you next time at home. When I was at dinner yesterday, I asked: "This Hey, where did you eat it?" Xiaozhe thought about it: "The last time I had eaten a tea, but the last time I ate it was a roll. You are a shrimp inside." Right, boy, your mother. The bacon seafood rolls inside are replaced with simple shrimps, which tastes just as good, but the practice is much simpler.



  1. Shrimp go to the head to peel the shell (leave the last shell, do not peel, so more beautiful), open the back to the intestines mud. Pumpkin peeled and cut into thin slices, frozen green beans thawed

  2. Prawns are prepared with a little cooking wine, salt and dry starch.

  3. After the pot is heated by a small fire, put a small piece of butter into the melt.

  4. Turn to the fire, pour the pumpkin slices into the pot, stir fry until the pumpkin is soft.

  5. Add water without pumpkin, cover and cook for about three minutes.

  6. Turn off the fire, pour the pumpkin and the soup together into the blender, and stir into a delicate pumpkin paste. (If you are in trouble or there is no mixer at home, this step can be saved. You can cook more in the 6th step until the pumpkin is fully cooked, with wood. Shovel crushes pumpkin into mud)

  7. Pour the stirred pumpkin paste into the pot, boil it in medium and low heat, cut into small pieces in a half-box of tender tofu, add green beans and marinated shrimp, put a small spoonful of salt, season a small amount of chicken, etc. Boil it, then continue to cook until the shrimp is discolored.


1. The old pumpkin is used here, it is best to cut into thin slices so that it can be cooked faster. 2. But butter should not be replaced with salad oil. The scent of butter and pumpkin are the essence of this scorpion. 3. If you are in trouble with the mixer, you can cook the pumpkin for a while. After you are fully cooked, use a wooden shovel to crush the pumpkin into a mud. But the taste is definitely a lot more delicate with a mixer, and the finished product will be much more beautiful. Pursuit of perfection. Children's shoes, don't be afraid of trouble like me, use a blender. 4. The shrimp inside can be transformed into other varieties of seafood.

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