Recipe: Pumpkin Egg Risotto (Electric Rice Cooker Edition)

Home Cooking Recipe: Pumpkin Egg Risotto (Electric Rice Cooker Edition)


Originally, I wanted to cook a pumpkin rice. Then I made a fried egg with a fungus. The result was too lazy. I made a very tender egg. The pumpkin is very sweet. The creative taste is lazy.



  1. Dry fungus foam, wash and tear, small pumpkin, washed and cut

  2. After the rice is washed clean, put it in the pot with the pumpkin and add some boiled water.

  3. Eggs are scattered, mixed with fungus, salt, and evenly stirred.

  4. After boiling in the rice cooker, pour the egg into the fungus. Mix well.

  5. Continue to cook ~~~~ The rice cooker jumps to the heat preservation and will finish it for a while~~~


You can add some water when you beat the eggs. The eggs will be more tender, but don't add more. Otherwise, it will be like an egg.

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