Recipe: Pumpkin chrysanthemum

Home Cooking Recipe: Pumpkin chrysanthemum


When you mention the pumpkin, everyone's mind may come up with a golden, fat, and awkward cartoon image. Pumpkin is not only cute in shape, lively in color, but also rich in sugar and starch. It tastes sweet and sweet, and its protein and fat content is also low. It is a wonderful product for women's blood and beauty. Pumpkins have been on the market in large quantities. They are steamed and eaten, boiled and eaten, fried and eaten, made into steamed buns, and served as noodles. Anything that can be thought of can be done. It is still healthy to eat seasonal vegetables and fruits, and it can also save money. Moreover, pumpkin can detoxify, pumpkin pumpkin contains ingredients that can promote bile secretion, strengthen gastrointestinal motility, help food digestion, and also improve the symptoms of autumn dryness. In addition, because the pumpkin can be used for emollient and smooth stools, it also has a cosmetic effect. Pumpkin taro, because of the pumpkin mud, golden color, full of golden jade atmosphere, the taste is very soft, there is a kind of pumpkin original flavor, so it tastes very fragrant, has a touch of sweetness. The pumpkin taro is made of chrysanthemums, which is really the autumn season, and the autumn chrysanthemums are everywhere. Also reminds me of the "elegance" Wenyu: "Jade pots buy spring, rainy huts, sit in the middle of the road, around the bamboo, the white clouds are clear, the birds are stalking, the piano is green, there are waterfalls. Words are as light as a chrysanthemum, and the book is old and readable." Therefore, I have always liked the sentence of "falling flowers without words, people are as light as chrysanthemums, and my heart is as simple as it is". I used to sit in a small window and read it all over the world...



  1. Flour and pumpkin puree. Yeast and dough, covered with plastic wrap, fermented to twice the size of the original dough

  2. Smooth the fermented dough into a smooth shape

  3. Take a piece of dough, knead it into a 0.5 cm dough, cut a 1 cm strip, and grow a strip

  4. S shape is rolled up

  5. Chop with a chopstick in the middle and clip it into 4 circles

  6. Use a knife to cut each of the four round rolls to the center of the circle

  7. If you are doing two layers, you can make another stack.

  8. Steam on the pan


Don't put water, use pumpkin puree to make noodles, pumpkin puree should not be put all at once, a little bit according to the soft and hard surface

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