Recipe: Pumpkin bean dregs

Home Cooking Recipe: Pumpkin bean dregs



  1. Use the bread machine's baking procedure to mix all the ingredients into a smooth dough, remove them, put them in a pot and cover them with plastic wrap, and ferment them twice in the warm place.

  2. The fermented dough is kneaded into a rectangular sheet of about 1 cm thick, rolled into a tight cylindrical shape, evenly cut with a knife, slightly shaped by hand, placed in a steamer

  3. Cold water pot, cover the lid and wake up for 20 minutes, fire, first light for 20 minutes (to make the dough further fermented), open the fire, continue to steam for 10 minutes after boiling, turn off the fire, do not cover and then steam for 5 minutes, Open the lid and uncover the pot

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