Recipe: Pumpkin alpaca

Home Cooking Recipe: Pumpkin alpaca


The first attempt to make a lamb with pumpkin and replace the solidified material agar with a gelatin tablet was very successful; the palate was very soft and soft.



  1. The pumpkin is cut into small pieces and steamed, and sieved into a mud. Add white sugar and mix well;

  2. The gelatin tablets are soaked in cold/ice water, melted into a liquid state by water, mixed with pumpkin puree, and poured into a square/rectangular container for cooling;

  3. Put the prepared pumpkin alpaca in the refrigerator for 2 hours, then take it out and cut it into small pieces, served with tea.


The alpaca originated in China and spread to Japan with Zen. With the development of the tea ceremony, it gradually evolved into a famous refreshment. Japanese literary master Natsume Soseki once expressed his love for the sheep in beautiful words: "In all the cakes, I love the sheep; even if I don't want to eat, the surface is smooth, dense and translucent. Appearance, how to look at it can be called an art." The traditional original sheep scorpion is made of red beans as the main material, can also be made into chestnut, sweet potato, persimmon, fig and matcha flavor; as a net food, the sheep, Of course, cold weather (agar) containing plant gum is used as the solidifying material; and gelitine contains the gelatin of animal bones, which also has the characteristics of solidification after cooling, which is suitable as an additive material, and the effect is better than agar. The taste of the crispy bomb is better, as long as you don't mind conflicting with vegetarianism.

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