Recipe: Private northeast ribs stewed beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Private northeast ribs stewed beans


Because I don’t want to delay the time, I took the method of re-cooking the pressure cooker first, combined with the practice of several people, not delaying the time and the meat is bad.



  1. The ribs are smashed into small pieces (I usually have trouble helping to sell the meat), the wine is placed in the pot, the ginger, the cold water is placed in the pot, the water is drowned, and the floating foam is removed and washed.

  2. Put the ribs in the pressure cooker, add onions, ginger, fragrant leaves, cinnamon, star anise, add water that has not been ribs, pressurize the ribs after 15 minutes of pressure, remove the spices, and leave the soup.

  3. Put the oil in the pan, medium heat, fried octagonal pepper, remove the spices, fried ribs, garlic cloves

  4. Remove the fried pork ribs and fry the beans with the remaining oil to the Duansheng (you can also pick up the beans to the emerald green)

  5. Add the braised sauce and stir fry, add the ribs, add salt, sugar, stir-fry, add the soup left over when pressing the pork ribs, simmer for about 20 minutes in medium heat, and collect the juice from the fire.

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