Recipe: Preserved egg tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Preserved egg tofu


Preserved egg tofu is a common dish on the summer table, simple, convenient and delicious. Whether it is to accompany mustard, green pepper or other green vegetables, it is extremely refreshing, especially the sour vinegar in the old vinegar, with the special taste of preserved eggs, it is really enjoyable.



  1. Lactone tofu off the box, inverted in the dish

  2. Cut the mustard into small pieces and sprinkle it on the tofu.

  3. Vinegar, Laoganma red oil cardamom, salt, monosodium glutamate into sauce

  4. Shallots with chopped green onion, peeled and cut into small pieces, sprinkle on the mustard and pour the sauce


Before the preserved egg is cut, cook in the pot for a while, so that the inside of the preserved egg will solidify and it is easier to form when cutting. When the lactone tofu is removed from the box, the plastic skin on the surface is removed, the tray is inverted, and then the four corners are deflated with a blade incision, and the air enters, and it is easy to completely take off.

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