Recipe: Preserved egg lean porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Preserved egg lean porridge


Casserole porridge and then improved! Because 99 says that stainless steel heat transfer is fast, it can bloom in 10 minutes. In the case of a casserole, the heat conduction is slow, so that boiling heat does not produce a strong temperature contrast effect. So this time I boiled the water in the casserole and threw the ice cubes in. I really had a lot of flowers when I didn’t boil again in a few minutes! ! ! And this time using hot water to soak rice, the hair rises faster~ This is also eaten at that store... and then remembered secretly... I am now eating out and really have the feeling of paying tuition to learn! ! ! ! Hahahahaha! ! ! Very powerful, that is, the effect of the more fragrant after the oil is brought in the porridge, it is great! The amount of recipes used is very big! ! ! ! According to personal circumstances, reduce it! ! (At the end of the Tucao: There is a porridge that is moister than the water of the Ming dynasty. It’s only a little bit worse when it’s patted and smashed. The pot that I shot has to be returned to the pot and re-burned. =#~)



  1. Rice and blisters rise into the refrigerator and freeze. The pork is peeled and fattened separately, the fat oil is diced for use, and the lean meat is shredded with a little salt to be used. Eggs are diced for use.

  2. After confirming that the rice is iced, the casserole is boiled in water (2L) and boiled. A spoonful of water is poured into the bottom of the container to remove the ice cubes into the casserole; the fat oil is also put into the pot.

  3. Once boiled again, put in half a preserved egg and continue to simmer until it is thinner than your favorite. Put the remaining preserved egg and lean diced meat and simmer for 5 minutes.


1. Only the last 5 minutes are covered and closed, and the front is open. 2, the process of smashing from time to time to stir up to avoid the bottom. I feel that there is not enough water to add at any time, but it must be at least warm. 3, the fat oil first pot and rice together from the beginning of the pick up is because the porridge will be more fragrant ~ 4, it is recommended to be a little thin, preserved egg lean meat porridge itself is more fragrant than other porridge flavors, too thick and thick, then afraid of sensitive children's shoes get tired. 5, when I chew, do not need to add salt and chopped green onion, the original flavor is already very positive! ! I actually sprinkle with chopped green onion for the sake of taking pictures. ==#~ If you like a rich taste and a richer taste layer, you can sprinkle a little chicken and it’s very good.

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