Recipe: Potted purple potato puree

Home Cooking Recipe: Potted purple potato puree


In the potted plants, there is a purple that was prepared thousands of years ago. Sweet but not greasy starchy fragrance is this kind of memory. I want to imagine when I eat. For example, the purple-dyed rice is as tempting as the cloves in the yard. For example, the purple bubble hidden at the end of the rainbow is also used for food. For example, the dark purple voice of Violet came out at night. Even, there is a monk in "The Vagrant Grass", who prefers purple food, is impoverished, and mortgages the master's estate for purple food. Just think differently, you will find - purple delicious!



  1. The purple potato is washed and steamed and peeled.

  2. Put the bowl in the bowl and crush it into mud.

  3. Add whipped cream and fine sugar and mix well. If you need a more delicate taste, use electric egg beater to make it smooth at low speed.

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