Recipe: Potato stewed beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Potato stewed beef



  1. Stir the sirloin into the pot until it is discolored, add the appropriate amount of cooking wine to the 腥

  2. Then add soy sauce and stir well (soy sauce with saltiness between soy sauce and soy sauce, our Hangzhou, such as Huhu soy sauce, etc., if there is no such salty soy sauce, you can use the soy sauce + soy sauce combination, or only Add soy sauce, saltiness is adjusted with salt)

  3. Rinse into 4 times the amount of hot water, add onion ginger and spices, and simmer the fire again. Cover the lid and simmer for 1.5-2 hours.

  4. Add the chopped carrots and potato pieces and continue to cook for half an hour.

  5. You can add the right amount of white sugar 15 minutes before the pan, this is a personal preference, generally the northerners do not

  6. Like to add sugar. When you put out the pot, you can sprinkle with MSG or chicken essence according to your personal preference.

  7. On the parsley leaves


1. Stir the sirloin in the pan and cook it again. The beef will be more fragrant; 2, the water must be added at a time; 3, eat potatoes and beef, please do not overdose and long-term consumption. 4, only suitable for the general population to eat, special system, please use with caution;

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