Recipe: Potato red pepper fried fungus

Home Cooking Recipe: Potato red pepper fried fungus


Making potato sausage risotto, half a potato and red pepper left, so that a little fungus is brewed, and the green tea is fried in such a large dish. It feels better to change the cucumber into green pepper.



  1. Incomparably simple, potato slices, cucumber slices, red pepper cuts, bubble points fungus

  2. Put the oil in the pot and heat it. Put the potato red pepper fungus into the pot and fry. The fungus must control the dry water. Otherwise, the oil will explode very scary. After the potato is sliced, you can put it in the water first. Come out, it can be more brittle, you don’t need to eat soft.

  3. Finally put the cucumber, stir fry almost, add salt, stir fry, pan, and you're done

  4. This side dish can be chosen by yourself. Anyway, I am also using the remaining half of the potato, half a red pepper and half a cucumber fried hodgepodge, haha.

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