Recipe: Pork ribs stew sticky rolls

Home Cooking Recipe: Pork ribs stew sticky rolls


The first time I ate a pot or was in the rural areas of Beijing. The village's villagers stewed a pot of meat and vegetables, and then put on a pile of rolls, staple food and vegetables. The scent of a pot is soft and rotten, and the color is heavy. If you think about it, you will drool. Probably still because of the northerners, there is a special love for such stews. Although the selling is rough, the thick taste is really home. In fact, I can't tell whether it is the Northeast to eat or Beijing to eat. However, such an affordable and heroic way of eating does have the demeanor of the North. Going home, I missed the experience of this far-away home. At that time, the devour of the dish, a roll of paper, don't mention how beautiful. Swallow the saliva and try it out with memory.



  1. Add the appropriate amount of water to the flour, knead it into a smooth and soft dough, and buckle the container for a while.

  2. Treat ribs and vegetables during the process of waking up

  3. The ribs are placed in a cold water, and the ginger slices and the cooking wine are broken. After cooling, the foam is washed with cold water.

  4. Potato peeled and cut hob block

  5. Beans should be washed and cleaned into sections.

  6. Put a proper amount of oil in the pan, stir fry the onion ginger

  7. Lower ribs stir fry for a while

  8. Put in the cooking wine, the old pumping continues to stir fry a few times

  9. Add a little more boiling water to boil, add enough water

  10. Put two large pieces and transfer the right amount of sugar

  11. Turn to small fire and cover for 40-60 minutes depending on the situation.

  12. Then add the potatoes and beans, turn a few times, transfer the salt

  13. Heat up and turn to small fire and cover for 15-20 minutes.

  14. It’s enough to wake up at this time, start making papers.

  15. The dough is divided into suitable size agents

  16. Take a dose of 擀 擀 grow ellipse

  17. Cut a knife in the middle

  18. Pull the ends to the middle of the seam a few times. a volume becomes

  19. All the agents are done well

  20. Spread the rolls one by one on the ribs and vegetables

  21. Cover with a small fire for 10 minutes, steam the steam with the steam of the dish

  22. After turning off the fire, sip for a little while, flip it before eating, let the roll evenly wrap the soup, and melt into the dish.

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