Recipe: Pork leeks stuffed dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Pork leeks stuffed dumplings



  1. Pork is mashed into mud, add two tablespoons of water and whipped in one direction. Add salt, allspice, soy sauce, cooked oil, sesame oil, cooking wine and stir it. Put it in the refrigerator for a while.

  2. Wash the leek, wipe the knife into the end

  3. Flour with appropriate amount of water and smooth dough, cover with plastic wrap and let stand for half an hour

  4. Mix the leeks into the minced meat and mix well.

  5. Roll the dough into a long strip, knead it into a small dose, and knead it into a dumpling skin.

  6. Wrap the stuffing with dumplings


1, the pork used for dumplings can choose arm-tip meat or pork belly, it is best to be three fat and thin, and it is best for yourself; 2, the meat stuffing should be whipped in one direction, and put in the refrigerator for a while to eat better; 3, the leek should be cut by the knife, it is not easy to effluent; 4, the surface of the dumplings should be softer.

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