Recipe: Pork cabbage steamed dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Pork cabbage steamed dumplings


Steamed dumplings, my favorite pork cabbage stuffing, sweet silk, gently bite fresh and juicy, delicious. The key pork cabbage can be accepted by most people. These two materials are available all year round in the north and south. After dumplings are steamed, they often end up in a meal. There are some odors in the refrigerator, but the cabbage is not, there is no bad smell; Northerners like to eat dumplings, soft and hot, returning home to eat a steaming dumpling in a cold day, really comfortable! However, I used to eat dumplings and change the taste. I came to a pot of steamed dumplings, fragrant and fragrant, bite down the soup and overflow, really enjoy! It is best to simmer the pork yourself, the thickness is not as smooth as the machine, but it tastes very good. The meat must be whipped out so that the dumplings will not be loose. Fresh pork to buy home, as long as the addition of salt, sugar, white pepper to taste is very delicious, do not need to add onion ginger, cooking wine should not be placed, otherwise the taste will be very strange; Cabbage contains a lot of juice. If it is added too early, it will ooze a lot of water, which will easily affect the viscosity of the meat. Finally, it will not be pinched in the dumpling skin. First add a little salt to kill the water, gently squeeze out, do not squeeze too dry, otherwise the cabbage is not crisp. The excess cabbage juice must be left behind. The meat is added to the juice and whipped to make it easy. Then the meat is absorbed and the excess water will be full and juicy. The steamed dumplings will overflow! A little oil should be applied to the steamer so that the dumplings will not stick to the pan, otherwise it will be easy to rot at the bottom when steamed. You can also use the more delicate leaves of cabbage leaves, carrot slices, hazelnut leaves, banana leaves, etc., the taste will be very special! Dumplings can really be varied, but when we use vegetables with more water, it is best to kill the water, such as zucchini, cucumber, melon and so on. Steamed dumplings are best served hot, and the rest I like to make pot stickers, golden, crispy.......



  1. After the hip tip is fine with a knife, the cabbage is washed and cut into pieces. Sprinkle 3 grams of salt in the cabbage and mix gently. After pickling for 5 minutes, the cabbage will effluent and squeeze out the water.

  2. Stir the pork in the same direction. After the meat is cooked, add the water to the cabbage 3-4 times. Mix well every time to make the meat fully absorb the water.

  3. Add salt, sugar, and sesame oil to the whipped meat, then add the cabbage and mix well.

  4. Wrap the stuffing in the dumpling skin and squeeze it with a little water. Add water to the steamer, boil it, put a little oil on the steamer, add steamed dumplings for 8-10 minutes, until you touch the dumplings with your hands.

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