Recipe: Pork belly soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Pork belly soup


The most classic boxed instant noodles should be the taste, and the bagged ones are not the crab king noodles. Every time I buy a few bags, I can eat a packet when I eat the empty refrigerator. The smell of sesame oil is unique. Or use boiled, then take an egg and go in, it is a bit nutritious. If there is anything in the refrigerator that can be cooked, it is not limited to pork belly. Instant noodles can also be used as menus. -------- In my home, boiled pork belly is a very heavy pepper, a pot of soup with a thick pepper flavor, it is best to cook it.



  1. Wash the pork belly and add the pepper to the pressure cooker. Cut in half, and cut into strips.

  2. Boil the pork belly soup and the pork belly

  3. Beat the eggs evenly, pour the chopsticks into the water when boiling, and the plumeria will be formed.

  4. Finally put the crab king noodles, sesame oil. Put a little bit of salty taste, put more pepper and salt yourself than the ones that have additives.

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