Recipe: Pork belly porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Pork belly porridge


Pig belly I love to eat, with the first time in the porridge, the northerners love to drink porridge (porridge), usually the main porridge without vegetables and meat, I have always liked to use a variety of ingredients to cook porridge, always feel like this Drinking taste is varied and nutritious, often drinking fresh.



  1. Pork belly washed, cooked, rice soaked

  2. Onion ginger, mince, prepare seasonings (scented oil, vinegar, white pepper, salt, MSG)

  3. Rice and water porridge

  4. Cooked pork belly cut into silk

  5. Heat in a pot, add sesame oil

  6. After the sesame oil is placed in the pot, add the pork belly and stir-fry.

  7. Add the onion ginger, add a little vinegar, salt, white pepper, stir-fry, add the MSG out of the pot

  8. Cooked porridge

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