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Pork belly chicken, also known as pork belly chicken hot pot, Phoenix reborn. It is a traditional Han nationality dish in Guangdong Province and belongs to Cantonese cuisine. Popular in Guangdong's Huizhou, Heyuan, Meizhou and other areas in eastern Guangdong. The pre-dinner soup in the Hakka area of ​​Guangdong has a soup, and the soup is thick and clear, with a strong medicinal taste and pepper aroma. Chinese famous pork belly chicken English name Pork tripe stew chicken main ingredients pig belly, chicken classification Hakka dishes taste fresh in the Qing Dynasty, Yizhen just finished the Prince, because Yizheng has stomach disease, postpartum body weakness, Qianlong ordered the Royal House stew The tonic is suitable for eating, but she has no appetite for anything to eat, and the phoenix body is getting thinner. The doctors in the palace tried their best to make all kinds of valuable supplements for Yizheng, but it didn't help. Qianlong summoned the Tai doctor and the imperial kitchen, and passed on the will. No matter what method is used, he must heal the disease. The imperial kitchen thought of the method of “medicine supplement is not as good as food supplement”, so the practice of eating the chicken soup in the traditional folks was improved, and the chicken was put into the pork belly and the precious medicinal herbs were stewed. Time diet conditioning, Yizheng's stomach has been cured and the skin color is also rosy and shiny, beautiful and moving. This dish not only goes to the hospital, but also has the effect of health care. Since then, Qianlong called this dish "Phoenix reincarnation", which is now the pork belly chicken hot pot, which has been widely circulated in the folk. The first method is to drink the original pork belly chicken soup; then put the pork belly in the soup and continue to simmer for 5 to 10 minutes. Eat pork belly and chicken. The pork belly is refreshing, the chicken is tender and delicious, and the soup is delicious. The taste adds to the savory taste of the chicken; then, the dried vegetables such as dried vegetables and mushrooms are added to absorb the meat, and the taste of the soup becomes sweet; finally, meat such as meatballs, fresh chicken and bamboo sausage is added, and the soup is more Add rich and delicious.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Apply the coarse salt and flour to the pig's belly, repeatedly rubbing, the flour can play the role of carrying the dirt on the pork belly, the coarse salt particles have this effect. After about two or three minutes, rinse off

    Apply the coarse salt and flour to the pig's belly, repeatedly rubbing, the flour can play the role of carrying the dirt on the pork belly, the coarse salt particles have this effect. After about two or three minutes, rinse off

  2. Chicken treatment The broiler chicken is removed from the chicken lungs, esophagus and chicken scorpions. Remove the bloody sputum in a cold water bath for two minutes. Put the herbs (枸杞, 黄芪, Codonopsis, red dates, onion ginger, pepper) into the chicken belly.

  3. Put the chicken into the pork belly, the advanced chicken butt, and seal it with a bamboo stick. After boiling for 1 minute, put a few holes in the pig's stomach to prevent the pig's belly from exploding.

  4. Put the pork belly into the casserole, add water, boil over the fire, turn to low heat for two hours.

  5. Pick up the good pork belly, knead it into strips, then put it in a casserole for ten minutes, then add salt to taste.


Pork belly wrapped chicken hot pot is to use the pig's belly to wrap the raw chicken, water the grass (or use a toothpick) to tie the two heads and put them into the special soup, and then scrape the pork belly before eating, take out the cooked chicken together. After cutting the pieces, put them back into the original soup and roll them hot. This method is to make the hot pot of the raw food method more old. It saves time and tastes delicious and delicious. Chicken, don't worry that the fire is difficult to control and the chicken is too hot and tough. Pig belly is the stomach of pigs, which has the effect of treating weakness, diarrhea, diarrhea, thirst, frequency of urination, hoarding in children, and cooking all kinds of food with pork belly. Buying bogey: It is light green, the mucous membrane is blurred, the tissue is slack, easy to break, and there is a bad smell of corruption. Edible bogey: pork belly and lotus seeds (burned with white eggplant) are susceptible to poisoning. Storage: Pig viscera is not suitable for storage, should be eaten with the purchase

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