Recipe: Pork belly, boiled potatoes

Home Cooking Recipe: Pork belly, boiled potatoes


I usually burn this dish, I want to put pepper, star anise, pepper, cinnamon and other materials, but pregnant said that eating these easily cause contractions, resulting in premature birth, so did not dare to put, the right amount changed a little, the same delicious ! People who love meat all love pork belly, haha, so delicious, fat and thin, sweet and sweet!



  1. Potatoes and carrots are peeled and cut into hobs;

  2. Hot oil pan, stir fry until the oil, add a little rock sugar and stir fry;

  3. When the sugar color comes out, pour the potatoes and carrots together and stir well, then add the right amount of water, and a little soy sauce, soy sauce, anise, one, boil the fire and turn to a small fire for about an hour;

  4. Finally taste the taste, add salt to the salt, fire the juice, sprinkle with chopped green onion!


Generally, the soy sauce and soy sauce have been added to have a certain salty taste, so you can put less or no salt when you try it!

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