Recipe: Popcorn chocolate chip cookie

Home Cooking Recipe: Popcorn chocolate chip cookie


Two whole eggs are small eggs that are not big! Not a stupid big egg! ! ! Two whole eggs are small eggs that are not big! Not a stupid big egg! ! ! Two whole eggs are small eggs that are not big! Not a stupid big egg! ! ! # important things say three times ##二木食记# The favorite cookies meet chocolate, charming combination Although I can't make chocolate lava cake, but the popping cookies are also different flavors, in fact, very simple, the practice of ordinary cookies The chocolate with high purity is bitter and bitter, with sweet milk. The milky chocolate flavor of the milky breakfast is sweet and fragrant, accompanied by coffee black tea, energy afternoon tea, simple ingredients, together, achievement Different taste



  1. Butter the butter at room temperature, add sugar and mix well, add cocoa powder, stir again

  2. Add the beaten egg liquid in 2 times and make a uniform oil egg paste.

  3. Dark chocolate melts in water, cool down, pour into oil egg paste and mix well

  4. Sift in low powder, stir evenly with a rubber knife in a “cut” manner, wrap it in a strip, wrap it in plastic wrap, and put it in the freezer for at least 2 hours.

  5. Melt 90% pure black water, after cooling down [that is, the chocolate begins to thicken and harden, but there is still heat, you can form a group by hand], and smash into 26 chocolate balls of equal size.

  6. Take out the frozen dough cake, cut it into 26 noodles after returning to room temperature at room temperature, and pack the chocolate ball of the fifth step into it, slightly flatten it.

  7. The oven is preheated for 170 minutes at 170 degrees and baked in the middle layer for 12 minutes.


1, this component is about 26-27 cookies 2, the temperature of each oven is not the same, basically the time is controlled at 10-15 minutes, at most not more than 15 minutes 3, when hot, the chocolate inside Invagination will flow soup, do not like this, just refrigerate in the refrigerator. ~ Winter is cold, want the inside chocolate is lava-like, microwave oven high fire for 10 seconds

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