Recipe: Pomegranate grapefruit juice

Home Cooking Recipe: Pomegranate grapefruit juice


Purely hand-applied juice method, wood with water, very convenient, sweet pomegranate juice with sour grapefruit juice, sweet and sour, especially suitable for pomegranate and afraid to swallow pomegranate seed baby, because pomegranate seeds are difficult Digest, drink, but don't be greedy.



  1. Peel the pomegranate according to the method of speeding the pomegranate, take a hand into the storage bag, squeeze out the air inside, and fasten the mouth of the bag.

  2. Use a rolling pin to squeeze the pomegranate with a little force, and press it until you feel it can't be pressed.

  3. The fresh-keeping bag cuts a small mouth larger than the sesame seeds, carefully pours the pomegranate juice, and the remaining pomegranate seeds are squeezed out of the bag by hand.

  4. Extrusion of 1/8 grapefruit juice in pomegranate juice


1. Don't use too much force when the rolling pin is smashed, otherwise the pomegranate seeds will break the bag; 2, if there is a baby at home, it is better to add a little warm water to dilute it.

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