Recipe: Poached tofu with small rapeseed

Home Cooking Recipe: Poached tofu with small rapeseed


Tofu is a versatile and versatile ingredient, and it is also very diverse. It is a preference for me to fry until golden and then add sauce. With a tender and tender rapeseed, it is both refreshing and tasty. It is a very simple vegetarian dish, but the color is rich, even when you are at the banquet. I really don't know how to name it. I used to call it a small rapeseed tofu. I don't think it is right. The small rapeseed is not burnt with the tofu. It is hot when it is served as a side dish, and finally it is so unconventional. The name of the dish...



  1. The small rapeseed is washed, and the old tofu is cut into pieces of about 8 mm thick.

  2. Boil a pot of water, put a little salt in the water, and drop a few drops of oil. Put the small rapeseed into a soft, remove the cold water immediately, drain and spare.

  3. Start a pan, simmer the old tofu into a pan and fry until golden on both sides.

  4. Mix starch, water, soy sauce, sugar, and mix into a sauce. Pour into the pot of fried tofu. Heat over low heat, so that each tofu is dipped in sauce, until the sauce boils, becomes sticky, and immediately turns off the heat. .

  5. The previously baked small green vegetables are placed on the plate, placed in tofu, topped with sauce. Sprinkle red pepper rings, white sesame seeds and parsley.


One of the spring banquet dishes for the April 2014 issue of Urban Housewives, thanks to photographer Li Xiaoxuan.

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