Recipe: Poached squid

Home Cooking Recipe: Poached squid



  1. Cut the squid to the head and tail, spread it out from the belly and spread it on the chopping board. Cut the section and carefully remove the hard thorn in the middle with a knife, leaving a hard thorn and pulling the thorn with a scorpion.

  2. Mix June fresh Shanghai braised soy sauce, miso, peach house barbecue sauce, maltose and white sugar into a non-stick pot, sprinkle with ginger, stir on low heat, cook until all the ingredients are fused, slightly thick, Made into sauce

  3. Use 1/2 amount of sauce prepared in step 2, pour over raw oysters and hard thorns, and marinate on both sides for 30 minutes.

  4. Put a little cooking oil in the pan. After the oil is slightly hot, add the marinated squid and fry until the two sides are colored.

  5. Put the hard thorn on the bottom and put the fish on the top. When you eat it, heat the remaining 1/2 amount of sauce, pour it on the grilled squid, and finally sprinkle with white sesame.

  6. It looks a bit monotonous, so the corner of the plate is made of egg skin silk, the whole egg is scattered, sifted, flat-bottomed non-stick pan (do not put oil), heat, pour the egg liquid, turn the pot handle, so that All the egg liquid is evenly spread on the bottom of the pot, the egg liquid is dried, the egg skin is turned yellow and the fire is turned off, the egg skin is rolled up and cut into thin filaments, pulled loose, and randomly shaped.


1. Japanese cuisine generally uses freshwater clams or seawater clams. We buy seawater clams. The flesh is slightly thicker than freshwater clams. The taste is not so soft. In the future, we must go to the aquatic market to find freshwater clams! 2, use tweezers to pull the thorns, it is best to pull out some, so as not to choose the thorn in the process of eating, affecting the speed of eating 3, Weilin (Japanese seasoning wine) is very important in the preparation of sauces, the ingredients contain water, glucose, rice and edible alcohol, the seasoning effect has to give the dishes fresh luster, promote the penetration of taste, go to the sputum, add the top Sweet taste and make the taste of the dishes more lasting and delicious, if not, replace it with Japanese sake, and increase the amount of sugar! 4, Taowu barbecue sauce is a Japanese barbecue sauce, can be directly foraging or as a marinade, ingredients are brewed soy sauce, water, sugar, rice wine, sesame oil, onion, garlic, yeast extract, sesame, pepper, black Pepper, if not, look at these ingredients, you can take some of the home's spices to add. 5, when removing the hard thorn, it is impossible to be so clean, there will be a little fish on it, it is very tasty when you eat it. If you want to eat the hard thorn, you have to put it in the oven and have not tried it. Everyone can try it out and make a casual snack, healthy and delicious~

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