Recipe: Poached egg boiled yellow duck called

Home Cooking Recipe: Poached egg boiled yellow duck called


It's very simple to make, and it's easier to eat and satisfy than the store.



  1. Fried poached eggs, put on hold.

  2. The oil in the pot is oily, because it is more fish, so the ginger is sliced ​​and the fish is cut down.

  3. The yellow duck is generally not big. It can be drenched with some wine. The rice wine and the liquor can be washed. Then the chopped garlic and garlic are pulled in. At this time, it is better to burn half a pot of boiling water.

  4. Fish and pepper garlic are arbitrarily turned over and stirred, covered with fried poached eggs, and slowly added to boiling water, boiled water without fish, boiled... boiled...

  5. Cook and churn it into the chopped basil, cover it and turn it to a small fire.

  6. It’s been about ten minutes to spread salt and sprinkle with chopped green onion.


1. Some people like to cut the yellow duck into several paragraphs, I don't think it is necessary. The fish is not big, and the yellow duck is very easy to boil the meat. It is easier to cut into sections. 2. Don't let go of it, the fish soup is whiter and sweeter.

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