Recipe: Plum sardines

Home Cooking Recipe: Plum sardines


Today, I want to introduce you to a simple dish that can be found in Japan, and there is a wine that can be cooked in twenty minutes.



  1. The sardines are washed and the head and internal organs are removed. The black film inside the fish must be removed, otherwise it will be very bitter

  2. Plums go to the nuclear cut and cut large chunks

  3. Soy sauce, miso, rice wine, water mixed into the pan and heated

  4. Add the fish and the plums together. Sprinkle salt and sugar. Remember not to flip the fish, use a spoon to hold the sugar on the fish, you can

  5. Put the pineapple into boiled soft, and then cut into sections after cold water


Fish skin is easy to break, so don't just flip it. This small fish is easy to cook, and it can be cooked in small to medium heat.

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