Recipe: Plum radish

Home Cooking Recipe: Plum radish


In fact, summer is not a good time to pickle radish, because it is really impossible to find any good radish, radish is full of street. But the summer is hot, the appetite is not good, and the refreshing pickles are definitely the stars on the table. I remembered a recipe from a few years ago and tried this word.



  1. Wash the radish, dry it, don't peel it, the radish skin is crisp after pickling, it is very delicious. Cut into radish strips and add salt to kill water for three hours.

  2. Boil the right amount of water, add plum, ginger, vinegar, sugar, roll for a minute, leave the fire, add red wine, and cool.

  3. The stalks of the radish are drained and put into a container, and the plum ingredients are poured into the water to make the radish all the time.

  4. Put it in the refrigerator and marinate for eight hours, success!


1. The amount of vinegar and sugar is subject to personal preference. There is no fixed, sweet and sour. My family has recently been flooded with honey, so I use honey without sugar. Use honey to wait for the coolness to join. 2. No red wine can be replaced with cooking wine, just as good. 3. It is ok to put some pickled peppers.

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