Recipe: Plum peanut

Home Cooking Recipe: Plum peanut


Life without new ideas is boring, doing the same thing every day, thinking about the same person, eating the same food, day after day, the years are passing, and the mood is aging. In the same thing, the same food to add innovative elements, active molecules, life will make us more happy, will surprise us. --Dahuahua watermelon melon quotation: life needs innovation, mood also needs to be updated Peanuts, nuts and food will make you feel good. But we always eat peanuts of those tastes repeatedly: raw peanuts, fried peanuts, salt-cooked peanuts. In recent years, we suddenly found some salty dried peanuts, garlic peanuts, steamed peanuts, and a few days ago, there was a kind of peanuts. My interest: beef and peanuts. Thick beef flavor, although the peanut shell is heavier than the peanut grain, but it is very fresh, so I started to move the big bag to the dormitory. Life is diverse, and the practice of peanuts is also changing, for example, ~~~ words plum, haha! You can taste the old friend peanuts in a different mood, and you can enjoy the production process.



  1. Put the materials together in the pot, add water just to drown the peanuts

  2. Cook over low heat until the peanuts are soft, just like the usual peanuts we usually eat. If the water is dry and not soft on the way, you can add some water. It takes about 2 hours to get together. (I use dry raw peanuts, so for a long time, if it is fresh wet peanuts, it may not take so long)

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