Recipe: Plum mint duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Plum mint duck


Meizi duck believes that everyone eats a lot, sour and sweet. The new element of mint is added to the plum duck. The sweetness of the plum is set off by the mint, and each mouth is fragrant and fragrant, and the taste is special, making people “not forgetting”!



  1. The duck is peeled and the internal organs are cleaned and cleaned into small pieces.

  2. Ginger is cut into ginger pieces in a whole piece, and the ginger pieces are scented under the cold oil in the pot.

  3. Put the duck chunks of musk

  4. Pour in the rice wine and continue to stir fry until the duck is golden brown

  5. Add soy sauce, stir well, and let each piece of duck color

  6. Add star anise, plum, ice plum sauce, white sugar

  7. Pour 100ML of cola, stir fry evenly, add a small fire and cook for a while.

  8. Fresh mint leaves washed and chopped

  9. When the soup is cooked to the remaining half, pour the chopped mint leaves and stir fry evenly.


1, mint, please increase or decrease the dosage according to each person's taste. 2, you can try the taste before the soup is concentrated. If you like the flavor, you can add salt to taste. 3, rice wine can be replaced by cooking wine or rice wine. 4, the best time to cut mint is to thicken the soup, too early chopped mint will soon turn black, It affects the scent and the effect of growing vegetables. After being placed, it can be evenly sautéed. If it is cooked for a long time, it will lose its fragrance. 5, use cola instead of water to cook, taste better!

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