Recipe: Plum apricot fruit

Home Cooking Recipe: Plum apricot fruit


I’ve been watching the ball lately. I’m going to stay up late to watch the ball. I’m going to sleep late at night, and I feel that the time in the day is getting better. I don't know if the students have this feeling? However, the time is less and less, how can you say that you can't lose this mouth, especially when you watch the ball at night, your mouth can't sleep. If you don't have time, you can make a simple one. Nowadays, the popular food factors are nothing more than delicious, fast, and nutritious. This time, it’s really all right, and it’s time to add a little time to watch the beer. point. In the past few days, I even watched the ball while drinking beer. I ate the plum-fruited cherries that had been cold in the night before, and I made another set for tomorrow. (Look at this heart N used), watching the ball is more than the chicken frozen TX do not imitate Ha, in case of an attack, an excited cut hand happiness is not responsible. Today, this small snack can be described as super simple but gray and delicious. The practice is actually a word: small tomatoes inside the plum. However, this simple and simple stuff, the taste is really wonderful, the taste of tomato and plum, how is it so! I chilled again, and when I was hot and thirsty, I came up with a few, sour and sweet, and the dry mouth suddenly disappeared. It was more enjoyable than drinking a large bottle of cold drink! Do not believe? Try it and know it~~ This summer dot is made from only two ingredients, but it is the top grade for detoxification. In addition to all the nutrients of tomatoes, the virgin fruit has a higher vitamin content than ordinary tomatoes. It can increase the body's resistance, delay the aging of people, reduce the production of wrinkles, so it is especially suitable for girls to use for beauty, it can be said that girls are natural beauty fruits. The virgin fruit contains special substances such as glutathione and lycopene. It can promote the growth and development of the human body, especially to promote the growth and development of children, increase the body's resistance, and delay the aging of people. In addition, lycopene protects the body from carcinogenic toxins in cigarettes and car exhaust, and enhances the body's sun protection. For anti-cancer, anti-cancer, especially prostate cancer, can be effective treatment and prevention. The content of vitamin PP in cherry tomatoes is the first in fruits and vegetables. It protects the skin, maintains the normal secretion of gastric juice, promotes the production of red blood cells, and also has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on liver diseases. It can also be used for beauty and sun protection. The above is an online excerpt, anyway, happiness is to see the effect of delaying aging and sun protection, but the most important thing is that its taste is really good, it can't stop eating.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: The sacred fruit cuts a small strip from top to bottom, and the plum meat grows as long as possible, and is inserted into the center of the sacred fruit.

    The sacred fruit cuts a small strip from top to bottom, and the plum meat grows as long as possible, and is inserted into the center of the sacred fruit.

  2. Home Cooking Recipe: Sealed for several hours or overnight

    Sealed for several hours or overnight


1. This stuff is too simple, but happiness still has to be two sentences. The fruit of the saint is cut deeper, and the plum meat is stuffed in so that it can be soaked in the juice inside the saint fruit; 2. The plum meat is dry and tastes hard. After a few hours, it is eaten in order to make the plum meat fully absorb the juice of the saint fruit and soften it. The soft and juicy taste is more uniform.

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