Recipe: Plain potato chips with green bean paste

Home Cooking Recipe: Plain potato chips with green bean paste



  1. Vegetarian small steak, smashed beef, ready to use

  2. Put the pot, pour a little water into the pot, put 10 grams of agar powder (Agar), boil and mix well

  3. Take the stainless steel pot, add the defatted squid squid, the small sirloin, the mushroom essence, the agar pulp of step 3, stir and mix into a mud.

  4. Wrap the material of step 3 into a cylinder with plastic wrap, steam it for 30 minutes, and remove the natural cooling.

  5. After cooling, cut the two-piece steak. Add a little extra virgin olive oil to the clean pot, and stir fry the steak for about 30 seconds. Take out the goldens on both sides and pour the oil.

  6. Wash the potatoes, peel the skin, cut into small squares

  7. Add water to the pot, add the potatoes and cook, remove the drained water.

  8. Put the pot, put the plain butter in the pot, add the flour and stir with a wooden spoon, stir well and stir well. Add a small piece of cheese, slowly add the soup, do not overspeed, avoid granulation. Add the cooked potato granules and cook for a while, thickly poured out

  9. Quick-frozen organic green beans, put into a juice machine and stir into green bean puree

  10. Add a little virgin olive oil to the clean pot, add in the green bean puree, season with salt, mushroom essence, stir-fry

  11. Add a little sorghum soup to the net pot, add the abalone juice, black pepper, simmer into the simmered juice, and finally use the old soaking

  12. Take the disc, put the green bean paste from step 10 into the dish, pull out the long strip with a magic brush, put two pieces of the vegetarian steak in step 5 at one end, pour the step 8 cheese butter potato chips, and then pour the abalone black in step 11. Pepper juice, finally decorated with rosemary

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