Recipe: Plain duck neck

Home Cooking Recipe: Plain duck neck


There has always been some invisible pressure, and I don’t know where it comes from. I always feel that breathing is not very smooth. It may be getting angry! Therefore, the teeth begin to swell and pain, and it is not fragrant to eat. Every day, you can swallow the jujube, and the soup is filled with water. I love to eat spicy, abandon greasy and spicy, start eating. But for a few days, there have been tofu, and it has already produced boredom. It seems that even if it is a "soft persimmon", it cannot be pinched every day! Due to the swelling and pain of the gums, there is no way to eat hard vegetables, which is extremely depressed. At a young age, my teeth are old and I am going to become an old lady with no teeth. Ok! Good appetite for your teeth, protect your teeth! You must ask, why do you want to eat some vegetarian food under decompression? Because there is more meat, it is getting angry. If there is pressure, there will be an internal fire. If you eat meat again, it will be equal to the oil on the fire! Right? I bought a box of soy products, the neck of the vegetarian duck written on the box, or the neck of the vegetarian chicken has been remembered, in short, it is quite like the neck. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of the whole neck. When I remembered it, my neck was already smashed by me.



  1. Change the neck of the duck to the knife and cut it

  2. Corn shoots are also cut into pieces for use

  3. Put the water in the pot and boil it. Put the duck neck, onion ginger rice, cooking wine, cook for a while.

  4. Continue to put corn shoots and sugar, salt, and raw until the soup is thick

  5. Put a little olive oil in front of the pan and drain the soup.

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