Recipe: Pistachio strawberry nougat

Home Cooking Recipe: Pistachio strawberry nougat


Pistachio is one of my favorite nuts. It has a good taste with strawberries. The sour taste of strawberries can neutralize the sweetness of nougat, making this nougat taste more layered. Pink and green are also very pleasing to the eye. Mr. Wang’s favorite snacks are half empty each time they are finished...◝( ̇ ꒳ ̇ )◜



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Prepare a non-stick pan (must use a non-stick pan), a heat-resistant mixing tool (mixing knife I use), if you are using a freeze-dried strawberry slice, you should also have a cooking machine.

    Prepare a non-stick pan (must use a non-stick pan), a heat-resistant mixing tool (mixing knife I use), if you are using a freeze-dried strawberry slice, you should also have a cooking machine.

  2. Mix the lyophilized strawberry slices with the milk powder and beat them evenly with a cooking machine. stand-by.

  3. In a small hot pot, add butter. After all the butter has melted, put the marshmallows and adjust them to medium and small fires. Stir them from time to time until the marshmallows are completely melted. Be careful not to open too much fire, the butter will be coking

  4. After the marshmallows are all melted, pour the mixed powder of milk powder and strawberry, stir and fully integrate into the marshmallow, and do not see the dry powder. The texture of the nougat can be adjusted in this step. If you like to be hard, just melt it and then boil it and then pour it into the mixture. If you don't like it too hard, pour the mixture immediately after all the melt. If you want to add another salt, you can pour it together with the mixed powder.

  5. Stir until the dry powder is not visible, then turn off the heat, add pistachio, try to mix well

  6. Look for a square or rectangular platter (bakeware is better), put tin foil on the pad (tip 3), pour the sugar on the tin foil, use a mixing knife to help the whole shape, or after a little cold, use the shape of the hand Time is up)

  7. Allow to cool down at room temperature, or let the freezer accelerate to cool down. After cooling, cut it to the size and shape you like with a knife and apply oil paper.


Tip 1: In order not to affect the taste of the nougat and add the taste of the strawberry, I chose to freeze the strawberry or strawberry powder to avoid adding water. If you don't have these two things, you can use strawberry juice or direct fresh strawberries to make mud. However, this adds a lot of water, and the result is that the nougat is softened. If you want the normal nougat taste, you need to stir it for a long time after adding the strawberry juice, so that the water will evaporate. Until the ideal taste. In this case, there is no big difference in taste, but the color of the finished product will be yellow. Tip 2: Try to buy small particles of cotton candy. It is easier to melt Tip 3: I recommend the tin foil with uneven surface, which is the easiest to peel off. Don't use wax paper.....don't ask me how I know it...oil paper is not recommended....I haven't tried tarpaulin, you can try Tip 4: The taste of nougat is really real. Very big, everyone can try a variety of combinations. The basic formula of the marshmallow version is actually butter + marshmallow + non-starch powder. In addition to milk powder, powders can also have coconut milk powder, sesame powder, matcha powder and so on. Finally, add all kinds of nuts and dried fruits as you like.

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