Recipe: Pistachio ice cream

Home Cooking Recipe: Pistachio ice cream


Many years ago, the devil opened a Gelato store. A boy told me before leaving the devil to go to Germany to study. "When I come back, let's go eat ice cream." Then he never returned. Then, every time, To eat ice cream, I have to take this joke out and say it again, and then I fell in love with something called pistachio ice cream. See the recipe of the goddess @yuentien's dark chocolate ice cream ( and test whether you can eat this sad dessert at home; the sad point is that In the past, the recipe for the nuts was all about ice cream machines.



  1. Soak the pistachio nuts in boiling water for 5 minutes, then peel off the layer of the coat, put it into the cooking machine, add the almond flavor, and grind it into a fine powder.

  2. Egg yolk is added with vanilla extract and fine sugar, whipped to milky white, thick texture

  3. Add pistachio powder to the whipped cream, send it out of the liquid, add the egg yolk paste, whipped evenly at low speed, pour into the container and freeze for more than 5 hours.


* Finally, you can mix chocolate beans, almonds, chopped fruit, etc. before whipping evenly.

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