Recipe: Pistachio egg roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Pistachio egg roll



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Add egg white yolk to 10g white sugar to whitish;

    Add egg white yolk to 10g white sugar to whitish;

  2. Add 30g of happy jam to the egg yolk paste and mix well;

  3. Add the oil to the egg yolk paste of step 2 and stir well;

  4. Add milk and mix well;

  5. Add sifted low-gluten flour and glutinous rice flour and mix well;

  6. The protein is added to the sugar to be wet foamed (with a large hook);

  7. Dig a quarter of the protein cream into the batter and mix well;

  8. Pour all the batter from step 7 into the meringue and mix well;

  9. Pour the batter into a 28*28cm baking tray (three energy gold plate), 3 times in the town;

  10. Put in a preheated oven, 175 degrees 18 minutes (time adjusted according to your own oven).

  11. After being baked, put it on the grilling net to cool it for use;

  12. Take 200g of whipped cream, add 16g of sugar to 9 to distribute, and roll into the egg roll;

  13. After the refrigerator has been refrigerated for 1 hour, take a photo and eat it!

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