Recipe: Pineapple ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Pineapple ribs


Sweet and sour drops, suitable for small mouth drops and small bowl friends and friends~~~



  1. Ribs are marinated with soy sauce and cooking wine, usually 20~40 minutes.

  2. Marinate the ribs to control the sauce, try to make the ribs dry a little, do not bring a lot of sauce ribs one by one on the plate, and lay the onion at the bottom. Spread some ginger and onion on the ribs

  3. Pour the hot oil directly onto the ribs and mix as much as possible. The amount of oil should not be too small, otherwise the ribs will be dry. Then I put on a layer of ketchup. My family treasure doesn't like to eat sour, so I didn't put a lot of it, so I have 2 spoons. It is a white porcelain spoon for porridge at home.

  4. Then throw the microwave, high fire, 4 minutes. Take it out, add pineapple, turn the ribs one by one, and throw it into the microwave, medium heat, 4 minutes. If you find that there is a lot of soup on your plate, it is generally too wet, that is, after pickling, do not control the sauce. The consequence is that you have to clean the microwave oven well.

  5. Take it out at the point, mix well, put on the plate, and carefully decorate the children's shoes. I just threw the table directly~~~~~


1, the microwave time is not too long, otherwise the color is not good, you can see the top of the ribs in my plate is black 2, the best, must use the rib row, or if the dry, then the general mouth is not good to drop children's shoes, small bowl friends, can only throw away not eaten 3, the first time to use the microwave to get vegetables, I feel weird. Still like to use the pot to get it. Hahaha 4, the microwave does not pay attention to the time, it is dry, the taste is super bad 5, high fire is 100%, medium fire should be 60~70% 6, this plate is finally dripped, otherwise the soup will be more, it will overflow

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