Recipe: Pine nuts red crispy chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Pine nuts red crispy chicken


After the guidance of @奚姥姥, I was fortunate to have tasted this authentic Huaiyang cuisine. Unfortunately, there is no pine nuts on hand. I have white sesame seeds to embellish the next. I have the consent. I will put her works in the step chart. Let everyone refer to it. This dish is chic and innovative. The taste is rich and layered. The crispy chicken skin The tenderness of the chicken The smell of pork The bite of the bite is scattered in the teeth. The fragrance is overflowing~ It is a rare housewife on the table. The following recipes are all written out:



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: 奚姥姥 Finished drawing, you can refer to

    奚姥姥 Finished drawing, you can refer to

  2. First, the chicken thighs are deboned. Use the back of the knife to pat the chicken legs. The chicken skin is facing down. Sprinkle a little salt on the meat and put it aside.

  3. Add a little salt to the pork, a little cooking wine and water.

  4. Boil water, boil a small spoonful of salt, simmer the spinach, put it off, pick it up, cool the water (can keep the green), drain the water, put it in the plate.

  5. Spread a thin layer of dry starch on the chicken. You can pick up the chicken and shake off the excess dry starch. Then spread the hard pork on the side of the chicken (the chicken skin is still facing down).

  6. Use a flat-bottom non-stick pan to heat the chicken skin and simmer it down (the chicken skin will produce a lot of oil). For about three minutes, use a shovel to carefully turn over the pork side. (At this point, you can see if the chicken skin is not golden enough. Can turn back to remedy) until the two sides are golden (note that there must be a small fire because the meat is not cooked well)

  7. If there is too much oil in the fried chicken skin, the person who dislikes it can take the meat out and wipe the oil with kitchen paper. Then follow the steps below to season the food.

  8. Put the meat into the pot (chicken is on the pork). The oyster sauce, the yellow wine, the soy sauce, the thirteen fragrant bowl of water (and the meat). The onion ginger is poured into the pot and boiled in a medium heat for 20 minutes. Meat on the meat

  9. Put the meat out first Cut the corners into squares, then put all four into the plate (see 奚姥姥 works my work is too rough, no trimming)rThe juice in the pot is used as a leaching material (can be checked)rSprinkle with pine nuts


Authentic Huaiyang cuisine is cooked and not cooked. The following is my unfamiliar experience. The ingredients in the home may not be all slightly changed and will not affect the taste. It is just as delicious! 1, no thirteen incense, all the powder is also OK 2, onion ginger is not OK, you can also use ginger powder, a little bit 3, side dishes can be replaced, not limited to spinach 4, the meat is very thick, I don't know if it is cooked, I can fry it, I will cut it directly, I will not cook it in the pot, and then fry it. 5, the pan does not need to put too much water, the pot is slightly tilted, easy to spoon the juice to the meat

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